At the heart of the College is Bonnie Gordon’s passion for design and a love for confectionary arts.  Born into a long-line of fashion designers, Bonnie was raised with an eye for beauty and quality and learned early on that art can be expressed through many mediums.

Bonnie’s journey to becoming an award-winning and internationally recognized cake artist started in an unusual place – Mexico. Bonnie moved down south with her mother, a fashion designer who had been asked to work for a large fashion manufacturer. While in Mexico, Bonnie studied painting – an influence you can see in her work today – which prompted her return to Canada to study Fine Arts.

From there, Bonnie’s career took an unexpected turn – she continued her academics in NYC, receiving a Master’s in Education and put her creative art on hold. Bonnie spent the next 10 years working at a series of museums across North America in her area of specialty, Museum Education, developing her teaching and leadership skills that would end up being the foundation for her later passions.

The Cake Designer

It wasn’t long before Bonnie’s desire to create and design started pushing her life in a new direction. While taking chef and baking classes, Bonnie was introduced to cake decorating and knew instantly that she had found her niche. Her passion and skill landed her the opportunity to intern with one of the top cake designers in NYC. From there Bonnie’s aptitude for cake design pushed her to new levels – by the 90’s she was setting new stylistic trends in cake design and was a leading force behind the transformation from the field being known for cake decorating to being recognized as a culinary art form.

From Designer to Educator

As Bonnie became internationally acclaimed, more and more people wanted to learn her unique style and techniques. Using her background in education, Bonnie opened a studio where people travelled from all over to world to study with her. It wasn’t long before the demand grew to the point where the Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Decorating & Design  evolved into a career college.

The Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts was officially opened in 2009 and in a few short years has become known internationally for its strong focus on baking and pastry arts as well as cake decorating and design.

With the success of the College and more than 1,000  graduates of career and instructional classes, Bonnie is shifting her focus back to helping others find their passions.

Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.