• I loved the whole course. It is well organized, has a great curriculum and provides a lot of time to learn the skills from some of the best bakers & designers.

    Sara Plavic Designer Cakes Certificate
  • I learned so much and the course helped me meet my goals. I am now working in a bakery doing what I love!

    Anonymous Bakery Essentials Programme
  • I have learned a lot during the programme, and have been taught by some of the most talented instructors. Everyday I learned so much that I could use in the future, and I had fun doing it!

    Jessica Canano Bakery Essentials Programme
  • It met my expectations and then exceeded them. I learned a tremendous amount and my decorating skills have shown a remarkable improvement. It has been useful in numerable ways and I feel like it was money well spent.

    Cassandra Jackson Designer Cakes Certificate Programme
  • I am so happy I had the opportunity to attend the Parisian Macaron session today (29Nov2014)! Michael was a fantastic instructor. Knowledgeable, very observant, and complimentary of technique if warranted. This class has certainly peaked my interest to learn and pursue more. I have always loved baking for myself and my family, but I feel motivated to want to improve even more now. What a delight it was to attend a course that was not only fun, but taken seriously by the instructor. My favourite part was being able to listen and watch a professional who you can tell truly enjoys his profession and takes pride in it. Thank you Bonnie Gordon College for such a great experience!

    Hilary Sturdevant Parisian Macarons
  • The Bread Basics and Beyond Class was AMAZING. I can’t believe how much we learned in such a short time and who knew making bread was so easy! Amanda was such an incredible instructor, our group LOVED the class and the breads that we made were absolutely delicious (especially the cinnamon raisin loaves!)

    Melissa Campisi Bread Basics & Beyond
  • Fantastic class. Engaging, informative FUN. So rewarding to have a successful experience making bread. Thank you!

    Melanie Bread Basics & Beyond
  • I LOVED this class. I will recommend this class to everyone I know! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Susan DiDonato Croissants and Brioches
  • Very great class! Everything was explained great and the teacher was very helpful and kind. I had a great experience and will be signing up for more classes!

    Ana-Cristina Marquez Baking and Butter Cream
  • Fabulous! Best of all the classes I've taken so far!

    Erin Redshaw Art of the Eclair
  • This class was fun, interactive & exciting. The instructor was kind, patient, understanding & very attentive. As a complete novice the step by step instructions & demos made me feel I could make something great. Thank you.

    Anonymous The Art of Sugar Blossoms
  • Best Sunday morning I've had in a long time. Plan on taking more classes now that I have found you!

    Dawn Juruc Weekend Class Student
  • I wasn't sure about this class, but I truly enjoyed it. I've learned new techniques and new tips that I will be able to use. Michael is an absolutely great teacher. With today's class, I will no longer hesitate in taking any other class in this fine institution. Thank you, Michael! Thank you Bonnie Gordon College, it was all worth it!

    Gene Godbout Classic Cakes
  • Simply amazing! Susan was great, I learned a lot and will be signing up for more classes.

    Ana-Cristina Marquez Wedding Cake Design
  • Amazing, amazing, amazing! Thank you so much I am so glad I took the class it was exactly what I was looking for.

    Andrea Phills Wedding Cake Design
  • This class was outstanding. I took it just for general interest, as I enjoy baking on my own. I have taken workshops at bakeries and such and was not impressed at the knowledge (or lack of) of the instructors, lack of instruction, poor pacing, and lack of hands-on opportunities. This class was the complete opposite! Finally, a proper baking/cooking course. I am so happy to have found BGC. I suppose you get what you pay for, and this was definitely worth it.

    Jenelle Bread Basics & Beyond
  • Great class, loved the instructor and I would for sure come back! A+

    Michaela Kramer Bread Basics & Beyond
  • Really fun. Impressed with the quality of teaching.

    Anonymous Weekend Class Student
  • This is my second class at the college & it was as fabulous as the first! I loved it!

    Christina Weekend Class Student
  • Great class where I felt very comfortable and the concepts were very easy to learn. Susan was super friendly and very clear & concise in her method of teaching.

    Anonymous Wafer Paper Blooms
  • Susan went above & beyond the class description, it was really great!

    Quyen Pham Beyond Wafer Paper Blooms
  • This was a fantastic experience!

    Lee Ann Godin Bread Basics & Beyond
  • Loved it & will be back!

    Heather Croft Bread Basics & Beyond
  • Great class! Michael was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

    Amanda Weekend Class Student
  • First time and I am so engaged, encouraged & inspired! Thank you!

    Chelsea Kercpic Bread Basics & Beyond
  • Really enjoyed this class. This is my first time here at Bonnie Gordon College, and I would definitely come again. Having these 3 hour classes on the weekends is really great, especially for those of us that find it difficult to attend during weekdays.

    Tanya Tetreault Wafer Paper Blooms
  • The course was so fun & engaging. Susan is a great teacher with lots of tips. Her class is really enjoyable.

    Melanie Mut Wafer Paper Blooms
  • Great class! Learned a lot!

    Cheryl Lewis Designer Cookies
  • Had so much fun, wish it was longer! Love Nadia!

    Alyssa Sarbara Cupcake Couture
  • Seeing as this course was given to me as a gift, I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at the school. But since day one, starting from enrollment up to completing the class, I dealt with nothing but professionalism, courtesy & knowledge. Bonnie Gordon has been a great experience & I look forward to trying other courses.

    Suzanne St-Jean Cupcake Couture
  • Loved it! Jenny is awesome!

    Lada Vedlin The Art of Sugar Blossoms
  • Great class and Susan was amazing!

    Elsabe Weekend Class Student
  • I loved it!

    Anonymous Bread Basics & Beyond
  • Loved how easy it was to make such beautiful flowers so fast!

    Christine Wafer Paper Blooms
  • Excellent class I loved it!

    Cynthia Ng Weekend Class Student
  • I love this place and there classes! Excellent class.

    Lisa De Rosa Bakery Style Cakes
  • Excellent class, excellent instructors!

    Sandra Valentine Bakery Style Cakes
  • I am so glad I called in and requested this class. I have always wanted to know these types of c

    Uzina Mirza-Khan Bakery Style Cakes
  • Awesome! Thoroughly enjoyed myself! The time flew by.

    Deborah Crispuh Sugarwork
  • Amazing class. So glad Bonnie Gordon College offers this class.

    Sepharza Sugarwork
  • Fun class! Great instructor-very patient.

    Lorne Rose Sugarwork
  • Amazing! Great experience, I will be back!

    Amanda Hadida Weekend Class Student
  • This was a great class! I have taken other Bonnie Gordon classes before & they are always exceptional. I look forward to taking other classes.

    Maria Singh Weekend Class Student
  • Great class! Very interesting, knowledgeable & fun!

    Alicia Weekend Class Student
  • Loved the class and the instructors!

    Stacie Mardel Parisian Macarons
  • I loved this class. Great instruction & really well paced. Thanks!

    Christina The Art of Sugar Blossoms
  • Great class. Great instructor and assistants. Was not sure about the $250 price tag, but well worth it!

    Tova Parisian Macarons
  • Really good pace. Instructor was so calm! Loved that we could make all types of macarons.

    Lisa Tsue Parisian Macarons
  • This was my first class at BGC and I loved my experience. I will register to other classes within the next day or so. Julie's absolutely amazing as an instructor. I learned a lot and the day went by very fast.

    Gene Godbout Art of the Eclair
  • I enjoyed learning from working professionals. I felt that I could ask as many questions as I wanted and I felt comfortable. The teachers all worked very hard and I learned a lot.

    Lara Rhyner Former Programme Student
  • Marissa and Julie were amazing instructors! My husband and I did this for the first time and we will be back for more classes for sure! Thank you!

    Ellie Missaghi Weekend Class Student
  • I really liked the very detailed step by step instructions given and the extra tips given by the instructors. The instructors were always willing to help you learn something even if it wasn't part of the course outline.

    Marylou Santos Weekend Class Student
  • Julie was an excellent instructor. She walked us through the demos at a good speed & shared a lot of information/exploration, which was awesome! I would definitely take another class/course at Bonnie Gordon College again!

    Angie Nanos Weekend Class Student
  • I enjoyed the teachers. I liked how knowledgeable they were when we would ask questions. I liked how they were patient with us and took the time to really help us understand when we didn't know how to do something.

    Diane Toledo Former Programme Student
  • Everyone was friendly and the teachers were all wonderful and knew their stuff. They interact with the students well and build you up!

    Alexa Dunn Former Programme Student
  • Michael's a great instructor. He explains everything clearly and while doing the hands on portion of the class he makes sure everyone understands the process.

    Mary Sperduti, Weekend Class Student
  • Susan is a great instructor. Very friendly & engaging. She is very approachable and makes you feel at ease. Lots of great tips were given and I always enjoy Susan's classes.

    Judy Aishault Weekend Class Student
  • Everyone was helpful & friendly! The instructors were all so great and Emily was such a pleasure to talk to! I loved my entire experience here!

    Jessica Canario Former Programme Student
  • The instructors were FABULOUS. Being taught by dedicated, kind and hugely talented professionals has made a huge difference. I liked that you taught us every single step of creating a cake, from baking to flowers. I enjoyed this class so much!

    Cassandra Jackson Former Programme Student
  • I loved the instructors. Each of them provided a different way to approaching each technique, and a wealth of industry knowledge. Their tips and tricks were extremely helpful.

    Jessica Stroebel Former Programme Student
  • Julie was a stand out. A real gem. She went beyond to ensure we achieved our goals.

    Kaitlyn DeWaard Former Programme Student
  • Nadia was fantastic. She truly made the classroom a calm, creative and relaxed/fun workspace. Very encouraging.

    Anonymous Weekend Class Student
  • The instructor is absolutely great, knowledgeable and patient. He has a natural talent to relay his knowledge to students. A true teacher!

    Gene Godbout Weekend Class Student
  • Amanda=awesome & amazing! Great class as usual.

    Anya Weiler Weekend Class Student
  • Passionate teachers with an array of skills and so much knowledge. The teachers made the program, they're fantastic and they were all happy to share everything they know.

    Lauren Rand Former Programme Student
  • Julie was very helpful and especially patient.

    Angela Chan Weekend Class Student
  • Excellent. Michael is a great & patient teacher.

    Anonymous Weekend Class Student
  • Julie is awesome.

    Suresh Weekend Class Student
  • Love Michael! Awesome teacher!

    Melody Yuen Weekend Class Student
  • Susan was a great teacher. She is generous in showing her knowledge & skills. She is patient, helpful and a great coach. I would highly recommend her!

    Stephanie Londer Weekend Class Student
  • Susan is a lot of fun! She gives you lots of tips & tricks!

    Ashley Rapose Weekend Class Student
  • Susan was very patient and made the class enjoyable. She was flexible & was able to show us many new techniques.

    Anonymous Weekend Class Student
  • Susan is very patient, and very knowledgeable. She gave the class great short cuts and tips, while showing us additional techniques using the wafer paper. Taking both classes was very beneficial and I would recommend others to do the same.

    Tanya Tetreault Weekend Class Student
  • Susan is an awesome teacher & I always learn a lot when taking her classes.

    Shalini Coli Weekend Class Student
  • Great instructors! Very approachable and helpful! They seem excited about their work and teaching. Very fun!

    Dana Weekend Class Student
  • Thank you for hosting our Team Build for us.  Everyone had a great time.  Your team went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and that’s much appreciated.  It was a great experience.

    Home Depot of Canada INC.
  • For our annual company party we were looking for something novel and fun.  Having our event at Bonnie Gordon exactly fit the bill. Everyone had a truly terrific time with lots of smiles and laughs all around. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

    Physicians & Staff Medical Clinic
  • Bonnie, It was such a pleasure meeting you and your staff at Bonnie Gordon Confectionary Art College.  The IT team at Holt Renfrew had a fantastic time at your facility for our team building event.  It was so much fun and entertaining, all while learning new cooking and prepping skills and getting to know our peers better.  Great atmosphere, great teachers and pizzas came out great;  many of us have ventured out on making the dough on our own already.  A great success thanks to you and your team!

    The IT Family Holt Renfrew
  • The Bread Basics and Beyond Class was AMAZING. I can’t believe how much we learned in such a short time and who knew making bread was so easy! Amanda was such an incredible instructor, our group LOVED the class and the breads that we made were absolutely delicious (especially the cinnamon raisin loaves!)

    Melissa Campisi Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation Special Events Development Officer